California's Trusted Leader in Debt Recovery

About Us

Since 1962, The National Collection Agency Inc. has been a leader in debt recovery solutions throughout the state of California. We are a third generation family-owned business that brings our core values of professionalism and transparency to all of our relationships with both clients and debtors. Unlike traditional collection firms, at National we do not depend on a one size fits all approach to debt recovery. Instead, in full partnership with our clients, and with nearly 60 years of experience serving a wide variety of industries, we carefully tailor our approach to meet your specific business needs.

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Our Skills & Expertise

Rely on the skills and expertise that National has developed in its 60+ years of existence to increase returns on your past due accounts.

* We search for new addresses and phone numbers to increase contact with the debtor. Further steps are taking to locate possible assets. If the debtor will not pay voluntarily we can file a lawsuit with your authorization.

*  Using the information found through skip tracing and asset location we provide you with information to help you make a decision if filing a lawsuit could lead to collection.

* If payments aren't made voluntarily we use the information found through our asset searches to enforce judgments and collect the debt.